Customer Testimonials

I’ve been using XpertDispatch for probably 3 years or more. I have really enjoyed using your product all these years, this is the fourth company I’ve introduced to XpertDispatch. Thank you for such a solid product and great support.



I have used the programs of some of their competitors; the XpertDispatch software leaves them in the dust. XpertDispatch's support staff is responsive and friendly, and have provided very knowledgeable and easy-to-understand advice. Within weeks of suggesting a much-needed new feature, the support staff sent an update patch that made their software the only software we need for all of our documentation. I highly recommend XpertDispatch.

I was anxious to give XpertDispatch a try. I think it may just have saved my sanity. What a great program! It anticipates a dispatchers every wish and delivers it in a sleek easy-to-use program. Bravo! Love it!

I just want to say what a superb product XpertDispatch is. I've tried several different apps, some of them quite expensive, and none comes close to Xpert Dispatch for depth of features, stability and ease of use. Each time I use it, I discover some new "Wow!!" feature.

I have been using XpertDispatch for awhile now, and I have been meaning to send my praises. I have used every single Dispatch program ever written over the past 12 years, and I have to tell you that your product is absolutely, without any doubt, the best one I have ever used.

I've used  _____ since.____ well, prior to 2013. I just switched over to Xpert Dispatch and it's been great. I actually enjoy my work day now.

I just got started with your product and we easily maintain 60 trucks. I'm impressed how easy it is to create various formats of outputs - now we can support all types of Dispatch tasks and we will save a lot of time by using this great tool!

In all respects, I have been happy with the software, the support, and the reports from the program. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who does trucking business.

Xpert Dispatch really is a dream to use. I have been using it intensively now for several days, and with a few exceptions (around PC  Miler mainly), it has been enjoyable enough that I have wanted to keep going and continue, to the extent that I have completed a month of invoices  in a single day. It's a very good tool that has the ability to make the users life so easy they want to keep going and going.

The product is fantastic, it makes my life so much easier and the reports looks great! I've already converting our file based manual processing to Dispatch and I love it, much easier to work with. It makes my life look a lot better. Hassel Free!

I learned Disatch software in 90s. I've used a variety of tools since that time. My current employer already had Xpert Dispatch in place as their tool. I've used Dispatch for over a year now, and I've been extremely pleased with their product. I was so excited to hear about this new release. We upgraded to the release just this week and so far - I'M LOVING IT!

My family has been in the trucking business since 1938. Personally I have been doing trucking for 20 years. I am thrilled to have located your Xpert Dispatch.

It is a fantastic product which is cost effective than other dispatch softwares. It is a delight to use and it has saved us a HUGE amount of operating cost. I recommend it to friends and other businesses often. Good Luck, and thank you for keep adding to what is already a fantastic product.

I just had to write and say that this is the coolest, easiest and most comprehensive dispatch Software I've ever used. You have created a 1st class product and I'm glad I found it (via Google).

I've been using XpertDispatch for over a year now and it has made doing trucking business a pure joy! I should add that this is something I've never done before. In any case, I'm writing because I feel so strongly about your software that I would like to submit a user testimonial.

I want to tell you that XpertDispatch is the most wonderful software I have purchsed for years. I have been searching for a way to easily manage my dispatch operations that this is it! In my 20 years of owning my own business. I have never found such an outstanding program for creating all the required forms of reports. Thank you for literally saving me hundreds if not thousands of hours of time.


We made the decision to try XpertDispatch after years of struggling with one of the "leading" dispatch systems. We were impressed with the rich feature set balanced against ease of use.

XpertDispatch saved my life. I spent a week looking for a Dispatch Software and they all crashed on me. I was at my wit's end, and then I found Dispatch. Its so easy-to-use and very reliable. Worth every cent.


I've been developing help systems for few years and have found XpertDispatch to be the clearest and simplest tool yet.

I have been using XpertDispatch for a couple of years now and have been pleased with it from day one. However, this new version, well it exceeds my expectations. It is great. I have been wanting to do my driver payroll/expense reports for sometime. So far, I am super pleased!

I always tell my customers that a product is only as good as the documentation and support the vendor provides. Now with latest ondemand video tutorials, learning your software while doing business is awesome. Your product have really assisted us in training to our new emmployees.



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